An Introduction (Of Sorts)

I’ve never been great at introductions. They always seem awkward to me. Do I just say hi? Do I tell everyone my name? What if nobody reads this post and my hello just floats off, echoing unanswered into the vast ether that is the Internet? So sometimes I just ramble until I have enough sentences to create the appearance of a first paragraph.

Mission accomplished.

Anyways, onto why I’m here. I’m a senior at Columbia College taking this social media course that requires me to keep a blog. I’ve been in college for a good five years now, and I desperately would like to hold that degree in my hand soon. Almost there! It took me awhile to find my career path, but social media marketing and publishing seems like a good fit these days. I love writing and being creative, and the wonderful, crazy world of social media fills those needs perfectly.

As for a branding strategy, I hope my first post here makes it clear. I just plan on being myself. Even if that includes a picture of a statue stealing an award from me a few years back.


An Introduction (Of Sorts)